After sales care portal settings

Purpose: Personalize the contact details you want to be displayed on the customer contact pop-up for support. Additionally, set the access roles that get notified when a customer leaves a review.

Aftersales feedback is an excellent source for keeping your customers loyal and staying proactive. Follow up with your customers after completing a job to get instant customer feedback, monitor engineer performance and customer satisfaction.

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Please note

  • Select ‘Don’t show email/phone’ options to disable Communication pop up

How to configure settings

Go to Profile icon > Settings > Self-service > After sales care portal settings > View

  • Communications - Company information displayed in the customer contact pop up within the portal
    ‘Email address’ - Select from drop-down > Save
         a. ‘Don’t show email’ - No email address is shown
         b. ‘Show company email’ - Display email address from Company details
         c. ‘Enter email’ - Display any other email address, manually typed in the field ‘New email’ now
    ‘Phone number’ - Select from drop-down > Save
         a. ‘Don’t show phone’ - No phone number is shown
         b. ‘Show company phone’ - Display phone number from Company details
         c. ‘Enter phone’ - Display any other phone number, manually typed in the field ‘New phone’ now
    Contact support description’ - Enter desired text > Save
    Contact support title - Enter desired text > Save
    ‘Contact support available timing’ - Enter support hours > Save

  • Notifications
    ‘Send notification to’ - Add required roles > Save