Statement portal settings

Purpose: Personalize the business contact details displayed on the customer contact pop-up for help and support. Along with setting the user roles that get notified when a customer makes an online payment.

Statements provide customers a way to monitor their financial activities while also allowing you to chase up any outstanding invoices. A clear outline of what is due now and in the future ensures your customers stay informed and reduce queries around their accounts.

Customers can view invoice information, download job reports and make a payment on their PC, laptop or mobile device via the Statement portal.

Please note

  • Page must not be reloaded while payment is pending
  • Select ‘Don’t show email/phone’ options to disable Communication pop up
  • Payment receipt email has PDF attachment

View settings

Profile icon > Settings > Self-service > Statement portal settings > View

  • Payment details
    • ‘Enable credit card’ - Select from drop-down > Save
      • ‘Always’ - Customer can always pay online with a credit/debit card
      • Enable when amount is less than’ - Customers can only pay online using a credit/debit card when the payment total is less than the number specified

  • Preferences
    • Enable customer to download job report - Tick/Untick > Save
    • Send payment receipt to customer - Tick/Untick > Save

  • Communications - Company information displayed in the customer contact pop up within the portal
    • ‘Email address’ - Select from drop-down > Save
      • ‘Don’t show email’ - No email address is shown
      • ‘Show company email’ - Display email address from Company details
      • ‘Enter email’ - Display any other email address, manually typed in the field ‘New email’ now visible.
    • ‘Phone number’ - Select from drop-down > Save
      • ‘Don’t show phone’ - No phone number is shown
      • ‘Show company phone’ - Display phone number from Company details
      • ‘Enter phone’ - Display any other phone number, manually typed in the field ‘New phone’ now visible.
    • Contact support description’ - Enter desired text > Save
    • Contact support title - Enter desired text > Save
    • ‘Contact support available timing’ - Enter support hours > Save

  • Notifications
    • ‘Send notification to’ - Add required roles > Save

Email notifications

Similar to the in-system notification above, you can set up email notifications to trigger when a customer books a service job via the service reminder portal. This can be set to specific users, user access roles or an external email address.

  • Selecting users or access roles:
    • To > Select users or roles from drop down
  • Using an email address(es):
    • To > Type desired email address > Hit ' Return' key
  • Email templates > Select email template from drop down.

Prerequisites for email notification

Create an email template to use for this notification.

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