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Link a job as a recall to another job

You can convert a job as a recall to another job, this enables you to send a new engineer to the job and still link the first job and the recall job together, as well as adding who was to blame for the initial recall.

  1.  Search for the customer/work address with the job you want to convert to a recall job and open their profile. Within the 'ongoing work' section, click 'View' next to the job you want to convert to a recall job.

  2. You can now see all of the details related to that job, including its overview, diary events, and parts. Click 'Quick links' in the top right corner. Then click 'Link job as a recall to another job'.


  3. From the dropdown, select a job you want to link to your recall job and then click 'confirm link'. You have now converted your job into a recall job and linked it to a previous job. As a final step, you can choose to add an engineer to blame for the recall


  4. Simply click on Add blame on the right of your screen and select engineers to whom you would like to assign the blame.


  5. You can change the blame and revert the recall job into a job by following the instructions on the screen.