Refund a credit note

You can refund an entire credit note or you can refund part of a credit note.

Read how to refund a credit note

  1. Search for the customer you would like to refund a credit note to

  2. Click on the customer name to open their account. Scroll to the bottom of the screen into the history section, find and click View on the credit note you would like to refund.

  3. Click on Quick Links in the top right hand corner. You will see a small section with more options. Click Receive remaining credit as cash


  4. You will see a page where you can receive credit. Fill in the form as required

    You can type the description of the credit note refund. i.e labour reduction.
    You can edit the date of the credit note refund
    You can select the amount you would like to refund, this can be the partial or full amount. 
    You can select the method of the credit note refund whether it is a credit card or direct debit


    Receive credit when you are finished.

  5. If you go back to customer and history and scroll to the credit note you will see the credit note amount as well as the balance, which will tell you the amount of credit they have left. if you refund the whole amount of the credit note the balance wiill be £0.00. If you refund part of the credit note it will subtract this from the initial credit note raised and you will be left with the remainder as a balance. 
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