Parts arena pro integration

Commusoft integrates to parts arena so you can easily add parts to the job. Parts arena will identify the parts you might need, then you can add them into your job.

Parts arena must be a Parts arena pro account


  1. Open the Commusoft app and select the job you'd like to use parts arena with

  2. When you are arrived, click on the parts tab and click the plus icon to add a part

  3. If you have parts arena installed on your device, you will see an option for 'add via parts arena app' click this

  4. You will be taken to parts arena

  5. Navigate through parts arena and select the parts you wish to add to the job and add them to a pick list

  6. Click the parts arena menu and click pick lists and select the parts you have just added

  7. Click the share icon at the top of the page and select third party application > share

  8. You now have the option to remove them from the pick list, select yes

  9. You will be redirected to Commusoft and the parts you selected will be added against the job
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