Integrate with MailChimp

The integration to MailChimp will allow you to create lists within MailChimp to send bulk emails to. This can be used for many different purposes.

Please note: If you are on a free MailChimp plan, this only allows for 2000 subscribers across all lists and the export will stop processing until you upgrade to a paid plan.

  1. In order to set up this integration, first, go to your company settings and scroll down to the 'Integrations' section and click 'Add integration'.


  2. After this, you will need to go to MailChimp. From here, select 'Account' > 'Extras' > 'API keys' > 'Create A Key'.

  3. Copy and paste the code in the API key area into Commusoft then click 'Save'.


The integration is now complete.

  1. To use the integration, you can export reports from Commusoft into MailChimp.

  2. Go to Reporting and select a report; if this report is suitable to export, you will see an arrow pointing right and 'export' shows when you hover over it.

  3. You can filter the report to date and add filters using the More filters button and export that too.

  4. Once you've clicked export you will see a side panel open with a drop-down of whether you'd like to add the list in MailChimp under customers or contacts. Select from the list and click 'Export'.

  5. Now you will create your list. Fill in the form as required and click 'Save'. The export should now begin.