Reporting tools

Reporting is a powerful section of Commusoft which you can filter and change to create your own lists and reports.  


  1. You can open up our standard reports by clicking Reporting > 3 lines in top left > Then select a category and sub-category on the left panel.


  2. Once the report is open, you can filter by date at the top using the Date picker. You can select a period of time on the left, or select date range, then pick dates on the right as shown below


  3. You can filter using the More filters button. The More filters button will open a side panel entitled Reporting filter where you can further customise and filter your reports. Please note, these filters will be different on each report


  4. If you require more information on the report, need less information, or want to change the order of the columns, you can do this by clicking the pencil icon at the top left of the report. This will open the Customise table columns side panel with all available column titles. Tick/un-tick the boxes to add/remove the column, or drag and drop them to rearrange

    2017-09-15_15-22-06.png      2017-09-15_15-22-45.png

  5. If you find you use a filtered report often, you can save this by clicking Quick links in the top right corner. Type a name for the report and you will easily be able to access this as a new sub-category in the reporting menu under Custom reports.

    2017-09-15_15-23-20.png    2017-09-15_15-24-54.png

  6. Some reports can be exported using the right arrow. All reports can be printed directly from Commusoft by using the printer icon. All reports can be exported to excel for further analysis by clicking on the download icon.




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