Recurring events

If an event will need more than one diary entry, you can add a recurring event. This can be done when you first book the estimate or job, or later if you need to add more events. 

You may need to look at these first:

Add an estimate

Add a job


Once you get to the stage of adding the events, whether that is at the booking stage or after. Please complete the following steps.

When adding the event you will see an area to select whether the event recurs or not.

Ticking the box will expand and give more options as shown below.


Fill these in accordingly. Once the events have been saved, they act independently so will need to be edited one-by-one, or deleted one-by-one. 


Please see the below examples:

If the event repeats every day for 5 days 



If the event repeats certain days a week, i.e Monday and Thursday for 3 weeks 




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