Recurring events

Purpose: You can recur a Normal Event or a Diary event for a Job. This allows you to repeat an event, therefore adding them in bulk saving you time.

Please note:

  • Once the events have been saved they can only be edited/deleted one by one.
  • Recurring events can be added on Job creation or at a later date.
  • For some of the scheduling features in the system, Normal events require a location.
  • You can not recur an Estimate event.

Related guides:

Adding a Recurring event

  1. Check the box 'Is this a recurring event?' to show further options


  2. Complete the required fields > Save
    Once the events have been saved, they act independently so will need to be edited/deleted one by one.


If the event repeats every day for 5 days


If the event repeats on certain days of the week, e.g. Monday and Thursday for 3 weeks