Add an appliance to a certificate on an iPhone

You can add an appliance to a property record on the mobile. This will allow you to complete the task while onsite, rather than waiting to be in the office, or in-front of a computer.

Read how to add an appliance to a property

  1. Click on the job in the diary which you are creating a certificate for

  2. You will see a tab labelled 'Certificates'. Click on this tab at the bottom of the screen. Click on the plus icon and select a certificate to start filling it in. Click Next

  3. Check that the appliance doesn't already exist in this list. If it doesn't then click the plus icon at the bottom of the page

  4. You will see a page with a form. Fill in all of the details as required. It is important that Group, Type, Fuel type are setup within settings first.

    If you get to a section where you cannot select an option, this is because you haven't added in the relevant details into system settings. You may need to contact someone in the office to complete this for you. Or take a look at these articles: 
    Add a fuel type on an iPhone
    Add an appliance group on an iPhone
    Add an appliance type on an iPhone
    Add an appliance make on an iPhone

  5. Complete the form as required - please ensure you have added information into all feilds marked with an asterisk.

  6. Once complete, click Save in the top right of the page. You can now select this appliance from the list on the next page. Click Next at the top to move on in the certificate
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