Upgrading/Updating your Sage 50cloud Accounts

You should contact Commusoft before updating to ensure we support the version you wish to upgrade/update to. 

We currently support Sage 50cloud Accounts previously known as Sage Line 50/Instant from version 24.2 up to 28.

If you have any other questions concerning this, please call the team on 02030 266 266 before proceeding. 

Before upgrading/updating your Sage 50cloud Accounts, you must complete certain steps.

1. You must ensure there are no records in the accounting dashboard, in either the waiting to be sent, processing, or failed logs. Company Settings > Accounting interface.

2. Back up your Sage Database.

3. Uninstall the Sage Interface - Go to Windows 'Search > Type control panel in the search box, click Control Panel > Under View by select Large Icons > click Programs and Features > Click the program SageInterface > Click Uninstall > Click Close to complete the uninstall.

4. Upgrade/Update your Sage 50

After upgrading/updating your 'Sage 50', you must complete certain steps.

1. Check your credentials in Commusoft. 'Company Settings' > 'Accounting interface' > 'Quick links' > 'Edit Credentials'. Confirm the credentials with the information in your 'Sage 50':

  • Sage username (required)
  • Sage password (required)
  • Sage database location (required)
  • Vat method (required)
  • 20% Vat rate code (required)
  • 5% Vat rate code (required)
  • 0% Vat rate code (required)
  • Domestic reverse 20% vat rate code (Version 27.1 and above only)
  • Domestic reverse 5% vat rate code (Version 27.1 and above only)

2. Click Next step > Confirm.

3. Sage client must be closed before installing the interface.

4. Reinstall the Sage Interface. Go to Company settings > Accounting interface > Quick links > Download Sage Interface. The download file for the Sage interface will be downloaded to your PC/Server downloads area.

5. Locate the file, you must right-click on the file and select Run as administrator.

6. Once installed open Services & Event Viewer on the Sage PC/Server. The services take 10 mins to initialise and these are the checkpoints you will see in Event viewer > Windows Log > Applications. Event Viewer logs.

7. When you return to Commusoft > click 'Close'.

Important Notes

  • The sage interface must only be installed once and this must be on the main Sage PC/Server only.
  • Full administrator privileges/rights are required to install the sage interface.
  • Reverse VAT - This is supported but only if you have Sage 50 v27.1 and above.
  • Anti Virus - If the PC/Server has anti-virus software installed, you may need to allow for the download to be completed and add exclusion once installed.
    Add expectation/exclusions for the sage interface:
    Folder - C:\Program Files (x86)\SageInterface 
    Program - SageInterfaceService.exe
  • Windows - At times when Windows updates or as the PC boots up, our service may not start correctly, as all Windows services and processes take priority. You can set the service to Automatic (Delayed Start) to reduce this and set the service to recover itself, too.