Invoice settings

Previously called: Invoice address setup

Purpose: Invoices are initially addressed to the main customer. However, depending on specific customer circumstances, you may need to display a modified address on the invoice PDF. The owner of the invoice will not change and will remain recorded on the correct customer account.

For example, an estate agent might request to include the property landlord’s name with a 'care of' notation for their records, the estate agent will remain responsible for any payments.

Please note:

  • Preview an invoice PDF by selecting ‘Print’ while viewing before sending any invoices to customers
  • Any blank address fields will be skipped and not be displayed on the PDF
  • Do not copy/paste tags from this guide, always use tagging option in setting

Navigate to customer dashboard > Quick links > Invoice settings > Type desired text or use tagging > Save

Recommended setup

Using all address tags, as shown below, ensures no edits are required if you add/remove any address information from the customer after the invoice settings are added. 

Care of address example:

[landlord_name] c/o