Invoicing (Overview)

This overview will teach you all you need to know about invoicing within Commusoft. It will walk you through each page within the invoicing module. It is important that you go through these links in order and read all of the information carefully.

The following lessons will walk you through basic use of invoicing. Click on the title to view the articles in a new tab.

Add an invoice 
This article will teach you how to add an invoice. When a job is completed you can raise invoices to ask the customer for payment.

Add a draft invoice 
This article will teach you how to add a draft invoice if you want to create an invoice but not send it to the customer yet. This will allow you to review before creating a full invoice.

Add a credit note to a customer 
This article will teach you how to add a credit note against the customer account to allocate to an invoice later.

Add payment to customer invoice 
This article will teach you how to add a payment against an invoice raised for a customer. This article will also walk you through adding cash allocation to a customer to mark multiple invoices as paid.

Frequently asked questions 
This is a section of articles written specifically for common questions our support centre get asked.