Manage backups

Purpose: Data backups copy your data from the primary location; your Commusoft account, to a secondary location. Data is backed up by Commusoft on a daily basis, however, external backups provide peace of mind and a historical record of your data at the point of backup.

The raw account data backup is provided within Excel spreadsheets in a zip file either downloaded manually as required or automatically via Google Drive on a weekly basis, ready to access as and when required. 

Please note:

  • Google Drive backups are taken on Sundays at 01:00.
  • File formats for downloaded backups are given as .csv and .xls files
  • If you require Invoice or Certificate PDFs you need to download these individual via the Customer.
  • You can only use one backup method at a time.
  • Excel download links are available for 30 days after the backup was requested.

Manage backups

  • Profile icon > Settings > Imports and backups > Manage backups > View

Choose backup option

  • Backup with Google Drive > Sign in with Google, Choose an account > Allow

  • Backup with Excel > We'll send you a notification when you backup is ready > Notifications (Globe) > Click Excel backup > Attached Files > Click '' to download to your local PC

Advanced Options

This section allows you to keep track of and manage all of your backups. See a history of backups, including which user backed up the data and when. 

  • Advanced options > Download