Adding payment to a customer invoice

Purpose: Adding payment details to Commusoft allows you to mark invoices as paid, providing a clear record of financial transactions.

Please note:

  • You can add a one payment for multiple invoices using a cash allocation.
  • If payment method chose as 'Debit card', then need to provide the card details.

Add new payment

In order to add a payment to an invoice, use the search bar to locate the job/invoice number you wish to add payment. Go to the 'Invoices' tab and click 'View'. 

Add payment US 1.1.png

In 'Payment and allocation history', Click 'Add new payment' and add a new payment details.

Commusoft will auto-fill the total invoice amount. Please fill in the information accordingly. You may need to set up some nominal accounts and click 'Add payment'.

Add payment US 1.2.png
To add one payment for multiple invoices you will need to add a cash allocation. 


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