Purpose: SFG20 is a software tool for facilities managers, building owners and contractors. The integration allows you to have access to a library of PPM tasks and schedules within Commusoft.

Please note:

  • If updates are made on SFG20 you will need to delete the Task/Schedule from Commusoft and re-add it through the integration.
  • Once the Task/Schedule is added to Commusoft you can configure/edit it as required.

Add SFG20 integration

1. Company settings > Integrations > Productivity > SFG20 Add Integration > Continue 

2. Enter your Client Key and Secret Key provided by SFG20 > Continue

Adding a Task/Schedule Template to Commusoft

1. Search the template name > Press Enter > Add to template > Continue


Configure/Edit a Template added to Commusoft

1. To use or edit a template > System settings > Contracts > PPM 


Add more templates to Commusoft

Company settings > Integrations > Productivity > SFG20 > Manage integration > Add new record > Search the template name > Enter > Add to template > Continue 


Company settings > Integrations > Productivity > SFG20 > Disconnect > Type ‘disconnect’ > Disconnect