Daily timecard detail

Viewing each timecard individually speeds up reviewing and monitoring user timecards. The report provides a detailed breakdown of each user’s day with percentage breakdowns of travel time, time on site and unallocated time to maximise engineer efficiency and utilise time more effectively.

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➡️ Reporting > Hamburger menu Burger icon.png > Users > Daily timecard detail


This report provides a day-by-day breakdown of user-submitted timecards.

Using the available filters you can review data for specific weeks and users to see how time is spent while clocked in. For example, the unallocated time column shows time spent outside of travelling, jobs, or breaks.

You can also customise the columns Pencil icon.png displayed to get even more detailed time breakdowns by percentage.

The date filter is applied for one week at a time, Sunday - Saturday, this cannot be changed.

Break times are included in the 'Payable hours' calculation if you have 'We pay break times' enabled in Enable timesheets.


Timesheet settings can be found in Enable timesheets.
The Summary timesheet detail report also displays a detailed breakdown of weekly timesheets, and timesheets can be reviewed, amended and approved through the Timesheet approval report.