Enable timesheets

Mobile app users can log their shifts, including breaks, using the timecard widget on the app home screen. These entries are displayed in weekly timesheets through a report for office users to review and approve. This can help to ensure accurate payroll, facilitate project management, and support performance analysis, ultimately ensuring efficient time management across your staff.


Timesheets are available on Customer Journey plan and above.


View settings

➡️ Profile icon > Settings > Users > Enable timesheets

Timesheet settings.png

Enable mobile timecards

Check this box to turn the timecard widget on/off for mobile users. 

We pay break times

If you pay your users through their breaks, the system will include logged break times when calculating the user's payable hours. Disable this to remove all logged break times from this calculation.


Make sure to hit save to apply your changes.


Mobile users should close the app fully, wait 10 seconds, then reopen the app and allow the change to sync once the changes are saved.


Mobile users can begin to use the Timecard widget. You can then review the timecard data with a selection of reports: Timesheet approval, Daily timecard detail and Summary timesheet detail.