SLA: SLA due to breach report and widget

Purpose: This report allows you to see all your jobs that are at risk of breaching their SLAs. This report guides office staff to see which jobs need attention and helps them make sure their SLAs are met. You can view the SLA in a list view and group it by SLA type, with the closest possible breach at the top.


Please note: SLAs are available on the customer journey plan, if you do not have access, but are interested, please contact our sales team. 

  1. You can view the ‘SLA due to breach’ by going into ‘Reporting’ > Jobs > SLA due to breach. You will see customers in order by the SLA closest to breach, along with a countdown. You can use ‘SLA Type’ to view what needs to be done to prevent the breach and use a variety of different filters here to help better drill down the information as needed.


  2. You can hit the ‘+’ button to view and take you to the job, job address, or customer, of the SLA that are due to breach. 



  1. You can use the filter by clicking on the dropdown area and viewing different items. Using the ‘Breach in’ filter will allow you to choose times up to and beyond 240 minutes. Tap ‘Apply filters’ to view your filtered results.



  1. There is a new ‘SLA due to breach’ widget you can add to the report section by clicking on the ‘Quick links’ area and scrolling down to ‘SLA due to breach’. This will show a widget with 4 quadrants, being SLAs due to breach in 0-60, 61-120, 121-240, and 240+ minutes respectively.