City Plumbing

Purpose: Connecting to your City Plumbing account will enable live price checking for parts when raising purchase orders.

Please note:

  • Must have an active account number with City Plumbing.
  • Only a single supplier account in Commusoft can connect to City Plumbing.
  • Must have an existing City Plumbing supplier within Commusoft recommend setting up with branches and contacts.
  • City Plumbing accounts are directly verified within the integration using the details entered. Any queries related to these details will need to be addressed with the supplier directly.
  • Must have a comprehensive parts list in Commusoft which is additionally updated with supplier product codes and prices.
  • Live price checking will only be enabled for POs with line item type ‘Parts’ only.
  • Live prices are checked with supplier product codes, not part names.
  • Only live unit prices are provided not VAT to the related part.
  • Live prices are provided by the supplier based on contract, deals and account type with the supplier. Any queries related to prices will need to be addressed with the supplier directly.
  • Live prices used on POs created will update the stored supplier price within parts and prices.
  • Live prices are only available on web.
  • You can email to obtain a Parts/Prices list.

Setup supplier, branches and contacts

CommusoftVideoIcon.png Recommended setup for supplier, branches and contacts


Setup parts list and supplier prices

Parts: Preparing your parts list and supplier prices
Parts: Mass archive parts
Parts: Import your parts list
Parts: Add/update supplier prices



  1. Go to Profile icon > Integrations > Suppliers > City Plumbing > Add integration

  2. Enter details:
    ‘Account number’ - the City Plumbing account number
    ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ - the City Plumbing online account email and password
    ‘Postcode’ - postcode registered with the City Plumbing account
    ‘Telephone’ - telephone number registered with the City Plumbing account

  3. Re-check details entered > Continue

  4. Type the City Plumbing supplier name already entered in Commusoft in search > press enter > select supplier from the search results > Continue

  5. Confirmation email of the successful setup will be sent to the email address stored in Company settings > Company details > Email


Live prices

  1. Add PO > Type (‘Part name’, ‘Manufacturers part number’ or ‘Supplier product code’) and select from the filtered dropdown list > icons displayed on Unit cost

Live price generated

Live price from City Plumbing based on the supplier product code stored for this

Live price NOT generated

Supplier product code stored for this part is not recognised as a valid product number with City Plumbing.

Circular loading dots, City Plumbing API/connection if not available, please try again in 30mins.

Integration details may no longer be valid, please check ‘Manage integration’. If the integration is still valid, please try live price again in 1 hour as the City Plumbing supplier is having an API/connection issue.

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Adding a purchase order
Purchase orders - Unit cost from part prices or supplier prices & supplier product code


Manage integration

  1. Go to Company settings > Integrations > Suppliers > City Plumbing > Manage integration

  2. Confirm the details for Account number, Username, Password, Postcode and Telephone > Continue
    • If the details are valid the panel will close
    • If the details are not valid, an error message will display on the panel.


Go to Company settings > Integrations > Suppliers > City Plumbing > Disconnect > Type ‘disconnect’ > Disconnect