Job address reminder template

Purpose: Send your customers a reminder at a set time prior to a scheduled appointment to make sure they plan their day accordingly, reducing ‘No access’ visits and increasing communication between you and the customer.

Set up your email template for manual sending at any time and opt for automatic sending by selecting one of the available options.

Additionally, you can decide whether repeat reminders are sent for jobs requiring consecutive events on the same day or across multiple days.

View settings

Profile icon > Settings > Schedule and dispatch > Job address reminder template

Automatically send

Select desired timeframe before appointment is due from dropdown

  • --Please choose-- (Disable automatic sending)
  • 24 hours
  • 48 hours 
  • Night before the job (Sends at 7pm)
  • Morning of the job (Sends at 7am)

Send repeat reminders > Tick/untick

Email template

Type subject > Type email body > Save

SMS template

Enter SMS body > Save

Top tips & tricks

  • Check out our free Communications Toolkit for some inspiration on your email templates!
  • A single SMS is limited to 160 characters as standard across all service providers. If the SMS template exceeds 160 characters, 2 SMS credits will be used. We would recommend allocating 2 SMS credits per SMS to account for any tags used.
  • If using the 'Night before' or 'Morning of' options for automatic sending, we would recommend not including the Rebooking portal link to ensure you do not receive any late amendments to appointments. Depending on your company policy for rebooking, this is better suited to 24 or 48 hours before the job is due. Try using it in the 'Job confirmation' email template instead! 

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