Supplier parts quotation email message

Purpose: Supplier parts quotation email message allows you to create a premade email that you can send out to your part suppliers requesting prices for parts. You can send this email out during an estimate and the supplier can then send price quotes back via an emailed link.

Creating your parts quotation email

1. Go to system settings > Supplier parts quotation email message

2. You can use tagging in both the subject line and the body paragraph area. Once you have created your email, hit ‘Save’.


Sending a parts quotation email

1. You can send a parts quotation email by going into an estimate > parts > selecting a part in the dropdown and then tapping the 'Request parts from suppliers' button. From here, your pre-created email will appear with the tags shown. 


2. The supplier will receive the email with the tags filled in, they will then be able to tap the link to fill out the quote needed for parts.