Customer types

Purpose: Accurately assigning customer types is essential for maintaining your customer database.

Setting up Customer types required for your business needs ensures admin staff are able to create new customer accounts accurately using terminology suited to you, eg. rename Work Addresses to Tenants for an Estate Agent Customer type.

Please note:

  • To delete a customer type currently in use, change each customer type individually first
  • Edits to customer types will be applied to all existing customers of this type.
  • Private customer and Company are default customer types and cannot be edited/deleted.
  • If ‘Company name required’ is not ticked when creating a Customer type it cannot be enabled when editing. Delete and recreate the customer type if required.

View setting

Profile icon > Settings > Customers > Customer types > View.

Add a customer type

Enter Customer type (name) > Enter Customer description > Tick Company name required (if applicable) > Tick Allow for branches (if applicable) > Enter Name of work addresses > Add customer type.

Edit a customer type

Locate customer type in list > Edit > Amend fields as required > Save.

Delete a customer type

Locate customer type in list > Delete > Type 'Delete' > Delete.

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