Suggested appointments

When you're setting up a job, the system can come up with 'Suggested appointments'.


Please note:
These are based around your various engineers' home or start locations. Commusoft will take these into account, as well as the engineers' shift patterns and skills. Combining this information, Commusoft is able to suggest a time and engineer whose availability, location and skill set match the job you have created.


Using your suggested appointments:

  1. From a user's profile, create a new job. After filling in the details, when you go to the diary to create an event, you will be presented with a new tab next to the map view - 'Suggested appointment'.


  2. Clicking into this tab will provide you with a side panel on the left, it may take a few moments to configure the most appropriate suggestions but it will then provide you with a list of appointments to choose from.

  3. Select the one you wish to choose and click into it to apply it to the diary. The normal job side panel will appear to allow you to alter or edit any details necessary.

Dependent settings

In order for this functionality to work, there are a number of prerequisite settings that will need to have been configured within Commusoft first:

  • Ensure you have skills and shifts patterns set up for your engineers. This will ensure that the job will go to someone both available and with the correct skillset to carry out the job.
  • You will also need to adjust your individual user' profiles:

    1. In order to do this, go to your company settings, open 'Users' and select the engineer in question by clicking 'View' to open their profile.

    2. From the 'Personal details' section, you can enter their home address, which Commusoft will use as their starting point (please note -- if this field is empty, Commusoft will default to using the address of the office). Click 'Edit personal details' in order to open the settings page and apply this information.


    3. From the 'Business details' section, you will be able to configure both their shifts and skills. Commusoft will access this information when suggesting appointments. Click 'Edit business details' to open the settings page and apply this information.

  • Ensure you have the correct skills also applied to the appropriate job descriptions. This can be done when setting up your job descriptions themselves and can also be added to existing job descriptions by editing them:


Once all this has been configured, you can begin to use suggested appointments.