Picking lists and the warehouse app

Picking lists can help you organise the parts that your engineers will need to use for upcoming jobs. They are individualised lists of parts assigned to specific engineers that allow them to collect parts without having to look through stockrooms themselves.

The picking lists and warehouse app are intrinsically linked. The app can be used to keep track of the parts that individual engineers need to pick up from the various locations that you store your stock in. This means you will need to have it installed to take full advantage of the picking list having been enabled.

First, before setting up your picking lists, in order to ensure your engineers have locations associated with them (this is essential to utilising the app), go to your company settings and select 'Users'. This will bring up a list of your users, once you select the one you would like to associate a stock location with, go to their user page. From here, go to the 'Business details' section.


Click 'Edit business details'. On the left side of this page, you can select the correct stock location from a dropdown of your existing stock locations and associate it with your engineer.


Once you have enabled your picking list, you will be able to set up a list of parts that your engineer will be responsible for picking up.

From the app, you can 'Check-in' parts that have arrived at your office, select where they will be stored (for example, in your stockroom or an engineers van) and then allocate them to a picking list that you've created:


Your engineers will then be able to come and pick up any parts they need for their upcoming jobs.

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