Creditor days

Purpose: Creditor days allow you to customize your list of the number of days a customer has to pay their invoices i.e. 7, 14, 30. You can add, edit and delete creditor days. Once saved you will be able to use it throughout Commusoft.

Your company might have a variety of different timelines/dates you can set for your customers to pay your invoice. Being able to add different varieties these days, helps with your workflow processes and reduces your administrative time, and at the same time, helps keep up with your jobs. 

Creditor day

  1. Go to the Profile Icon > Settings > Creditor days > View > Add the Creditor day > ‘Add creditor day’. Tap the Default button to enable which creditor day amount you want to be the default going forward.



Advanced options - Setting creditor days in bulk or individually

  1. Scroll down to ‘Advanced options’ > View customers. From here you can filter specific types of customers if you want to bulk change them, or you can do it individually by tapping ‘Edit’ > Select from the dropdown menu > Save.