Incomplete parts on completed/closed jobs or estimates

Purpose: This report helps you view incomplete parts on jobs that are marked as complete or closed. Parts may be left in a variety of different statuses. You may also have parts that were deemed unnecessary to a job and added, but not added to an estimate or invoice. This report replaces having to go on a job by job basis and allows you to mass cancel or mass install parts. 

  1. Go to 'Reporting'. From here, use the menu (the three lines icon on the left), choose the 'Parts' section and click 'Incomplete parts on completed/closed jobs'.


  2. This will bring up a report that will allow you to cancel or install the parts associated with your job in the statuses they may be in - Requested, On order, or Available (where you can only 'Mass install'). You can select individual parts, or select them by job, and use the 'Mass cancel parts' or 'Mass install parts' buttons to place them where you need.


  3. Once you've clicked the option for the action you'd like to carry out, you will be asked to confirm your decision by typing 'update' or 'confirm' into the window that appears. After this, your parts will be cancelled or installed as per your instruction.