Nominal codes

Purpose: Nominal accounts are used to split invoices charges into separate groups. This is useful to collate how much money your company receives or spends in different areas. 

Add a nominal account

  • Profile icon > Settings > Finance > Nominal codes.
  • Add a nominal account > Fill the details out in the side panel > Save

Nominal codes 1.1.png


Edit a nominal account

Edit > Edit as required in the side panel > Save

Delete a nominal account

  • If the nominal code has not been used > Type 'delete' > Delete.
  • If the nominal code has been used > Type 'archive' > Archive

Please note:

  • Nominal codes can only be deleted if it has not been used in Commusoft.
  • If the nominal code has been used, it will be archived.
  • Both Delete or Archive are permanent and can not be undone.

Re-order nominal accounts

Hover the cursor over the two lines next to the nominal code you wish to move > Hold the mouse button down and drag to a new position.




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