User groups

Purpose: Certain companies may possess multiple branches or may desire to distinguish between their various teams. This feature enables you to establish a group that can subsequently be allocated to a user/users.

Please note:

  • When creating your first user group, this user group will be immediately assigned to all users.

Add user group

  • Profile Icon > Settings > Users > User Groups > View >
  • Type the 'User group' > Add user group.        

user groups.png

Editing user group

  • Edit > Make necessary changes > Save user group.

Deleting user group

  • Delete > Type delete > Delete.

Please note:

  • Once a user group is deleted, it will be unassigned from all users who previously had this assigned to them.

Assigning User group to user

  • Profile Icon > Settings > Users > Users > View.
  • Click 'View' for a specific user > 'Edit business details'.
  • Select User Group from dropdown menu > Save.

user groups assigning.png

Viewing/hiding user group from the diary

  • Diary > Filters > User groups > Tick/Untick User Group.

 user groups diary.png