Parts: Mass archive parts

Purpose: Unmaintained parts list details at times need to be cleared down en masse using a delete/archive.

Please note:

  • Deletion/archiving is irreversible and this action should be taken with caution 
  • Delete action will occur if the part was not used but added to the list
  • Archive action will occur if the part was used but not currently in use
  • Cannot delete/archive if parts are actively in use such as in the stock system

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Mass Archiving Parts

1. Go to Settings > Parts > Advanced > Mass archive parts


2. Check 'Delete unused parts' and/or 'Archive unused parts' > Next


3. Confirm the action by entering your Commusoft user name and password > type 'Confirm > Delete



4. Notification to confirm the action is in progress > Close > The action may take a few minutes to a few hours depending on the number of parts



5. You will receive a notification in the top right of Commusoft 'Mass delete and archive parts' > Mark notification as completed



A part can't be archived/deleted if it is:

  • Available in stock (applies when stock module is ON)
  • Requested, on order, available for a job and hasn't been installed yet
  • Returned but Credit note is not raised or marked as not required
  • Available in Purchase orders that are not complete yet
  • Available in Estimate part list where estimate is not rejected or accepted