General diary usage

(Our article on 'Diary settings' gives a more in-depth look into setting up your diary)


  • When you're setting up your diary, you can toggle between Daily, Weekly, Two weekly or Monthly views.
  • The daily view is good for giving you an idea of what your engineers are up to in the near future, how long their appointments would be and their general availability over the next few hours.
  • The other views are better for planning future jobs and having a broader view of how many jobs are being scheduled.

From this menu bar, you can also select your map view:


This will allow you to track your engineers (if you have trackers installed, see more about them here), and see where they are with regards to the locations of their various jobs.

You can choose whether you'd like to have your engineers displayed in columns or in rows. This can also be toggled, but you will need to access the option through 'System settings > Diary settings':


If you have a large number of engineers, it may be easier to have them displayed in rows so the information is slightly clearer.