Purpose: Adding users and their details is crucial for smooth operations, including mapping, scheduling, and arrival estimates. Users include managers, engineers, accountants, and others operating the system. Providing comprehensive information for engineers is important for administrative upkeep.

Increasing the number of users after activating your account will raise your monthly usage cost as user count correlates with the number of licences in your plan.

Add new user

Profile icon > settings > Users > Users > view.

Click 'Add new user'. Below fields should be filled with valid information.

Assign licences: 

  • Job Management - Choose the licence and and the role of the user.

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Contact details:

  • Enter the mandatory fields as user name, email and other information such as address and contact number.

Account Information:

  • Provide necessary details like username, password, user group, type, as well as skills and public holiday groups.

Click 'Save user'.

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📘️User group

View Active user

Click 'View' corresponds to the active user. Navigate through below tab to view/edit user information.

User details

  • Licencing details: You can edit the licencing details and the role assigned cannot be edited.
  • Login details: In this section, you can edit the user name.
  • Personal details: You can edit your personal information like name, address, contact information, etc.
  • Business details: Edit business details such as user group, cost & sale rate, employment type, skills, etc.
  • Official number: Edit the office numbers like NI, NAPIT ID, gas sage id, etc.

Notes & communications

  • Add new note: You can add a note based on this user.
  • Edit note: Edit the existing note created for this user.
  • Delete note: Delete the note.

Mobile settings

  • This page lets you choose how many days the user can view on their mobile diary. Instead of just today's jobs, they can see events from the previous days and future days.
  • Enable the checkbox 'Hide address details' and the customer address will be blur until  the user clicks travel.


  • Add new reminder: Add a new reminder description, due date, reminder date and the user group for which the reminder needs to sent.
  • Edit reminder: Edit the existing reminder information and save.
  • Delete reminder: Delete the reminder.

 Emergency contacts

  • Add new emergency contact: Enter the contact's name, address, relationship, email and contact details.
  • Edit emergency contact: Edit the emergency contact's information and save the changes.
  • Delete emergency contact: Delete the emergency contact information.

Attached files

  • Add new file: You can add new docs, pdf for this user.
  • Download file: You can download the added file.
  • Delete file: Delete the attached file.


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📘️User access