Credit card details: Saving Credit Cards & Deferred Payments

The What

In order to add credit card details and save them to a customer’s profile, you must first set up a credit card integration (see how to do that here). This can be useful in a number of scenarios, from requesting mandatory card details before booking a job to handling deferred payments during booking.


The How

In order to set the facility up to do this, open ‘System’ setting, then under the ‘Jobs’ section, open ‘Credit card details’. From here, you will have a number of options, you must select one in order to proceed.

  • ‘Don’t record details when creating a job’ - this is the default option. This simply means that jobs can be arranged and completed without needing (or being able to) take any card details before payment is due.
  • ‘Record card details when creating a job, but make it optional’ - This will allow you to collect and save the card details of your customers as you book in your jobs. You can store any number of cards for a customer (and delete them). This option will still allow you to book through the job without entering any card details, however, in the instances where it is not necessary or possible to record details.
  • ‘Record card details when creating a job and make it mandatory’ - Similar to the previous setting, this will allow you to enter and save the card details of your customers when you’re booking in a job. This option, however, will not permit you to complete the booking without you entering the details first.
  • ‘Record card details when creating a job, make it mandatory, and allow deferred payments’ - This option will always require card details to be recorded before the job will be eligible to be booked, it will also give the option to set an amount for a ‘deferred’ payment, to be taken before booking the job. This will place a ‘block’ on a set amount of funds from the customer’s card, similar to a deposit. Within this option, you must select the option to either ‘Take payment at the time of booking the job’ or ‘Take payment at the time of booking the first diary event’.

You can also add/remove cards from a customer by going to their profile using the ‘Customers’ tab. Once on their profile, simply use the Quick link to take you to their page of ‘Stored cards’.


The Why

Recording your customers' card details can be a useful way to take payments quickly online or at the site - via the mobile app(see the article on taking card payments on the web for further information), it can also offer security in the case of ensuring you receive payment in a timely fashion. 

The deferred payments feature is particularly useful if you have persistent issues regarding small debts. This can be a way of eliminating the need to chase up these small debts saving you time and effort as well as ensuring you receive payment.

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