Credit card - Stripe integration

The What

You can enable a credit card integration through Stripe in order to take online payments and save card details for your customers. 


The How

  • In order to integrate through Worldpay, first go to your ‘Company settings’, from here go to the ‘Integrations’ section and click ‘Credit card’.
  • Once here, you will be presented with the option to choose either Stripe or Worldpay.
  • Choosing Stripe will redirect you to their site. You can sign in if you’ve already got an account but it is quick and easy to set one up at this stage if necessary.

The Why

Setting up an integration allows you to begin to record and store your customers card details. Recording your customers' card details can be a useful way to take payments quickly online (see the article on taking card payments on the web for further information), it can also offer security in the case of ensuring you receive payment in a timely fashion. 

Dependant or related settings

After setting up your integration, you should also go to your credit card details page (under system settings, see the article here) and choose how/when you would like credit card details to be saved as well as whether you want to make it mandatory or optional.

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