IP addresses & Whitelisting

Depending on the nature of your mail service provider, your IT team could ask you for our IP address to whitelist in order to set up SMTP.

Commusoft is unable to provide public IP addresses with clients as these IP addresses are subject to change. The Commusoft software is constantly evolving, creating new servers on a regular basis to meet demand and there is no effective way to keep you up to date with these changes. 

You can do a backward DNS lookup to mailer.commusoft.co.uk which will show our current IP address however, we must advise we can not offer any guarantees this IP address will remain the same and we do not have communication in place to advise if the IP address changes. You will need to put internal measures in place to check this periodically or if issues arise.

You can also whitelist the public Commusoft domain: mailer.commusoft.co.uk, although if you have persistent issues, we would advise you to contact your mail service provider directly to see if a more permanent solution can be found.