Landscape diary views

There's more than one way of looking at things - and sometimes a different perspective or a new angle can reveal better ways of tackling a problem. That's why we've taken given the optional landscape diary view, engineers can now be arranged in rows with time running from left to right.

The landscape orientation offers a more compact layout, allowing a greater number of engineers to fit on the diary at once. The standard view is still defaulted and both orientations provide the exact same information. 

We recommend clearing your web browser's cache in order to avoid any possible errors in how the diary is displayed. How to clear your cache.

The landscape orientation, which organises engineers in rows, is available for both the 'Daily' and the 'Weekly' view. Both work in the same way as before, simply in a different direction. That includes features such as shift patterns and lockable events.

Daily view

Landscape diary view daily

Weekly view

Landscape diary view weekly

The choice between viewing the traditional layout for the diary and the landscape version is up to you. All Commusoft web users across your account will have the same diary view, depending on what you define in your system settings. Remember, when you change the orientation that it will change for all your web users.

How to change the diary

From your system settings, go to the 'Diary settings' section and choose whether you want engineers to appear in columns (standard view) or for engineers to appear in rows (landscape view).

Diary view setting

Once you click save, the diary will update. Remember, this will update for all your account's web users. You can change this back at any time if need be.