Communication rules

Purpose: Communication rules allow you to set defaults for how customers/work addresses prefer to be contacted, as well as new customer and new work addresses. This page lets you select between 4 options as a default, which can be changed later on both an individual and bulk basis.

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How can I edit my customers' communication preferences?

Please note:

  • When you have the communication preferences all unticked, you may still manually send email / SMS to the customers in the notes and communications tab
  • If you do not enter a communication type on customer/work address creation the respective preference cannot be set
  • SMS feature is an optional add-on, contact support for further information

Set preference defaults

Profile Icon > Settings > Customers > Communication rules > View > Select the preferences to set by default when creating a new customer/work address > Save


Bulk changing existing customers/work address preferences

  1. Advanced options > Select ‘View customers’ or ‘View work addresses’ > Filter your contacts by name or customer type > Change communication preferences
  2. Tick all preferences to include > Tick all preferences to exclude > Save
  3. The process will run in the background, once complete you will receive a notification