'Parts' report

This report lists all the existing parts you have in your Commusoft system. In order to access it, open the 'Reporting' tab, scroll down to 'Parts' and then click 'Parts' from the emerging side panel:


  1. The parts listed will have a number of table columns for you to see, as well as the ability to adjust these icons using the 'pencil' icon to add or remove them:


  2. You can apply a number of filters (customer, status, date created) using the filter bar at the top of the page, this allows you to further refine the list you are given:


  3. This list can also be printed or downloaded (as an excel file), using the buttons at the top of the page, if you wish to record this information outside of Commusoft:

  4. The 'Quick links' dropdown menu gives you to option to save this report. Clicking into this will provide you with a side panel where you can give the report a name for future reference- ensure you click 'Save' before closing the side panel: