Price books

Purpose: Price books consist of tailored pricing items and labor rates designed to offer customised pricing options for your customers. For instance, if you have customers eligible for discounts, you can create a price book with adjusted costs specifically for them, rather than applying standard prices in the labour rates template.

Price books are available on the Go paperless and above plans

Pricing listed in the Price books template will apply solely to the customer to whom it is assigned

Price books

  • Profile icon > Settings > Pricing > Price books > View
  • Existing price books created will be displayed.

Add new price book

'Add new price book' > Enter the price book name > Save.

Price book 1.2.png


Before setting up a price book, ensure the following settings are configured to avoid interruptions:

Configure price book

Locate a specific template in list > Configure.

In price book, you can configure the price for Pricing items and Labour rates.

Pricing items:

You have the option to set up the new pricing for the pricing items.

Price book 1.4.png

  1. Pricing item - Search for the pricing item
  2. Unit price - Unit price mentioned in pricing item will be auto-populated
  3. Price - Amount which you need to assign for this customer for the pricing item
  4. Action - Delete the pricing item.

Labour rates:

Navigate to 'Labour rate' tab to setup a dedicated labour rate for this Price book.

Price book 1.5.png

  1. Labour rate name - Template name which we have configured in the labour rate template.
  2. Description of the line item - Description given for the labour rate template
  3. Basic rate/hr - Basic rate finalized for this template
  4. Nominal code - Nominal code template should be chosen here
  5. Rounding rate - Choose the time from drop-down on how the time should be rounded to a specific precision or interval
  6. Actions
    • Advanced labour rates - Configure a specific labour rates based on days and time 
    • Edit - Edit the labour rate template
    • Delete - Delete the labour rate template

Advanced labour rates:

Advanced labour rates. Choose the relevant details for the below fields:

  • Days applicable: Choose days applicable either as an individual days or club weekdays and weekends.
  • From time: Start time to consider for the labour rates.
  • To time: End time to consider for the labour rates.
  • Labour rate: 'From time' till 'To time', how much the labour rate should be applicable per hour.
  • Action: Delete the line item.

Price book 1.6.png

Edit labour rates

  • Edit > Amend the changes > Save

Delete labour rates

  • Delete > Type Delete > Delete

Assigning a price book to a customer

A price book must be assigned to the customer to apply all the given rates.

Assigning Price book for new customers

  • 'New private customer' > Enter all the relevant details > In 'Price books' section, enter the price book name > Save.

Assigning Price book for an existing customer

  • Search for the customer > 'Edit' under customer information.
  • Under 'Other details' section, in 'Price book', enter the template name and 'Save'.