Automated invoicing

Automated invoicing is a feature that enables you to create rules to determine how your jobs are invoiced. These can be crafted within specific job descriptions to ensure that all jobs of a certain type have the same rules applied to them.

Please note:

  • Job descriptions with automatic invoicing rules should not be linked to estimates.

  1. In order to set these rules up, go to your system settings and open the 'Job descriptions' setting.

  2. From here, click 'Configure'. From the configuration page, click on the 'Automatically invoice' setting (from the invoicing section). This will enable you to craft your invoicing setup.

  3. Click 'Add invoice rule' to create your auto-invoicing settings.mceclip0.png
  4. This will open a side panel from which you can craft your specific invoicing setup for the job:


  5. All required fields are marked with an asterisk, you also have the option to choose to have the invoice set up as a draft using the checkbox.

  6. Once you are satisfied with your configuration, click 'Save'.