Pricing items

Purpose: Pricing items can be used when filling in an invoice on the web and mobile app, and on estimates via the mobile app only. You can customise the pricing items dropdown through Commusoft on your desktop. These items are often non-physical items that still require a charge to be applied, for example, a 'call-out' fee, or even a congestion charge if applicable.

View Setting

➡️ Profile icon > Settings > Pricing > Pricing items > View

Available on Customer Journey plan and above.

Pricing items cannot be utilised for estimates within the web application.


Add a pricing item

To add a single pricing item, complete all fields as they are mandatory. For bulk uploads, refer to the Import your pricing items list feature

➡️ Add a pricing item > Complete side panel > Save.

  • *Description: Briefly describe the pricing item.
  • *Nominal code: Link an Expense nominal
  • *VAT: Select from dropdown
  • *Unit price: Sale price to your Customer

Screenshot 2024-04-24 213705.png

Edit a pricing item

➡️ Edit > Edit as required in the side panel > Save


Delete a pricing item

➡️ Delete > Type "Delete" > Delete

Pricing items can only be deleted if they have not been used in Commusoft. If a Pricing item has been used, you will need to archive it instead.

Archive a pricing item

➡️ Delete > Type "Archive" > Archive

Both "Delete" and "Archive" actions are permanent and cannot be undone.


Advanced options

You may need to clean your data before you import it into Commusoft, refer to Clean your data

Screenshot 2024-04-24 213742.png

Import your pricing items list

To import pricing items in bulk, you can utilize a CSV file. Simply follow a few straightforward steps to complete the process. The duration of the import may vary depending on the amount of data being processed. Rest assured, you can continue to utilize Commusoft while the import operation takes place in the background.

Depending on whether the CSV file you're uploading contains a header row, you can check or leave the box unchecked accordingly.

Screenshot 2024-04-24 222736.png

➡️ Upload your CSV > Select file from you PC/Laptop > Complete "Column" > Save

Import pricing items.gif


Commusoft may have already selected a column title based on the text within your CSV header, if this is incorrect please change this by clicking the field and selecting the new column title.


After clicking "Save," you'll be redirected to the settings page. Expect a notification and an email once the import concludes, which might take a few minutes based on the data volume. Feel free to continue using Commusoft while the import progresses in the background.

Screenshot 2024-04-24 223418.png


Downloading your pricing items

You can also export a list of your current pricing items from Commusoft to your computer as an XLS file.

➡️ Download Excel > Initiate the download process > You'll receive a browser notification once the download is complete.

Screenshot 2024-04-24 230154.png

Clean your data

To prevent a failed import, ensure your data is clean and precise.

Adding your Pricing items via CSV

The CSV file requires the following columns; in any order, to import. All fields must be completed as they are mandatory explained here Add a pricing item.

  • Description: Can not contain commas.
  • Nominal code: Nominal code must exist in the system.
  • Tax/VAT: Must be valid "tax rate" or "tax description" with no % symbol that exists in the system. 
  • Unit price: Must be a valid number, e.g 10, 10.00 and not contain any currency symbol ie £ or $

Tax/VAT is your Tax description if you have Complex tax enabled.

Updating your Pricing items via CSV

To update fields for multiple pricing items, retain the exact "Description" already in the system and you can edit 1, 2 or all 3 of the updatable columns for each Pricing item. Information must meet the criteria for Adding your Pricing items via CSV

Follow the below steps:

Download you pricing items > Open XLS file > Delete the ID Column > Make edits > Save as a CSV > Import your pricing items list

  • Description: Must remain the same to update, if edited it will create a new Pricing item.
  • Nominal code: Can be updated
  • Tax/VAT: Can be updated
  • Unit price: Can be updated

It is important to check that the information you've uploaded has been correctly imported. Commusoft does not take any responsibility for the content and quality of any imported data.