Pricing items

Purpose: Pricing items can be used when filling in an invoice on the web and mobile app, and on estimates via the mobile app only. You can customise the pricing items dropdown through Commusoft on your desktop. These items are often non-physical items that still require a charge to be applied, for example, a 'call-out' fee, or even congestion charge if applicable.

Please note:

  • This feature is available on our Customer Journey plan and above.


📘️Nominal codes.

Add a pricing item

  • Profile button > Settings > Pricing > Pricing items > View.
  • Click 'Add a pricing item'.


  • Add pricing item 'Description', 'Nominal code', 'VAT' and 'Unit price' > Save.

Edit a pricing item

Edit > Amend the required field(s) > Save.

Delete a pricing item

  • If the pricing item is not used in your account, then Delete > Type 'Delete' > Delete.
  • If the pricing item is being used in your account, then Delete > Type 'Archive' > Archive.