Upgrading from our 'Basic' plan to our 'Go Paperless' plan

Now that you have upgraded from the Basic plan to the Go Paperless plan, you will notice several changes to the functionality of the system. Here’s a list of the additional features you will benefit from and some links to our website and guides on how to best utilise them:


Recall Jobs - You now can raise and track recall jobs. When a situation requires an engineer to return to a job to rectify a mistake, you can now keep track of what jobs went wrong and why.


Online booking form – The online booking form is a straightforward tool that makes a huge improvement to your customer journey, enabling your new and existing customers to request an appointment online, at any time of the day

On the customer journey package, any appointments booked online can also be automatically scheduled based on the customer’s selection - Read more on our website here.


Real-time vehicle tracking - Real-time vehicle tracking enables true oversight of your vehicles. You can see where everyone is in real-time and get access to crucial information like whether an engineer is on the move and how they are driving. We go further than simple GPS systems, with vehicle tracking software that links engineer tracking data with your diary and job information. Your customers can even track your engineer’s arrival to truly enhance your customer’s journey - Read more on our website here.


Engineer profile portal – Our engineer profile portal shows your customers who's on the way to complete work at their property, helping you reduce no-access scenarios and build customer trust. As integrated tracking systems become more and more expected by consumers, you have an opportunity to delight your customers with the efficiency of the tool.


After sales care portal - The after-sales care portal provides an automated way of gathering feedback for completed jobs. By asking customers for feedback, you can gauge customer satisfaction and find out where you can make improvements to perfect your customer’s journey, ultimately helping you generate more referrals and return business.


Parts management - Keeping your parts organised allows you to work at maximum efficiency and project a professional image to your customers. Commusoft helps you to stay on top of every part used in your business and allows you to easily integrate them into your estimates, purchase orders, job costings, and more - Read more on our website here.


Suppliers and purchase orders - Get a complete overview of your suppliers - including contact details, purchase orders, and the amount of money you owe them. Using our supplier management system means everything is in one place; you'll never waste time tracking down paper documents and supplier information again - Read more on our website here.


Job costing -Job costing with Commusoft enables you to track labour costs, travel time, and parts used for a job. With accurate costings per job, you can view profit and expense reports to best identify how you can grow your revenue even further - Read more on our website here.


Estimate portal - Tired of following up on your estimates and chasing deposits? With Commusoft's estimates portal, your customers review and accept an estimate online with a few easy clicks, straight from their email. If there's an initial deposit due, you can even take the payment right then and there.


Invoice portal – With the customer journey being as important as it is today, the online invoice portal reduces non-payments by giving customers convenient ways to pay bills. With just a few clicks, a customer can pay their invoice via credit or debit card from anywhere - Read more on our website here.


Consolidated invoicing - When completing many jobs for one customer, it seems unnecessary to send multiple separate invoices. This is likely unappreciated by your customers and could result in an invoice or payment getting missed. Consolidated invoices solve this problem by allowing you to combine many invoices into one. Each individual invoice, job, and price is listed and totalled, so the full amount can be paid off in one go. This is ideal when working with property maintenance companies and estate agents as you can invoice multiple jobs across their properties at once. 


Onsite payments – Using our integration with SumUp, you can take a card payment while out in the field, completely removing the headache of chasing for late or non-payments.


Your new package also offers more flexibility by providing integrations with a wider range of services, including:

In addition to all of these features, you will also get 10Gb of online storage per license as well as phone support from our helpdesk.

If you do not have any of the features listed below available after upgrading, please get in touch with support on 02030266266 in order to rectify this.