Editing a certificate

As with any certificate, a trained engineer should always double-check the documentation itself before issuing it.

  1. Once a certificate has been signed and saved, it cannot be edited due to the legality of editing an already signed legal document.

  2. In addition to this, Gas Safe has a requirement that certificates must be filled out while at the site of the appliance that is being certified.

  3. While on-site, once an engineer has filled out your certificate and clicked to save it, advise them to wait 15 - 30 seconds to for it to render and upload to the web, then hold-tap on the newly created certificate to access the following options:
  • View/print
  • Clone certificate
  • Email

Select ”view/print” to view the .pdf file and review the details to ensure there are no mistakes.

  1. If you find any errors close the pdf and then hold tap on the certificate again to chose “Clone”.

  2. Cloning a certificate will copy all of the details entered into the original certificate except the signatures.

  3. This includes appliance details, test results and reading, faults and comments. You can simply edit/change the required information and then once you and the customer have re-signed the certificate, you can save and close the certificate.

  4. If the mistake is not noticed until after the engineer has left the diary appointment, they can still follow the above steps by going back to the diary appointment on the app, even if the status is “left” or completed”.

Please note:

  • The edits must still be done by the engineer the diary appointment was assigned to.
  • Cloning does not replace or affect the original certificate. It is recommended to delete or void the original on the web to avoid any confusion - it is easy to tell which is the original as it will have a lower certificate number than the cloned one.