Website booking portal settings

Previously called: Set up advanced online booking portal

Purpose: With our advanced website booking portal, you can use a snippet of code generated through Commusoft to embed a button on your own website allowing your customers to book in their jobs from there. They will be able to choose the type of job and a time slot (provided you have assisted scheduling and your job descriptions set up within Commusoft) without needing to call or email. This will automatically add the job to your Commusoft system as well.

Please note: 

  • The portal will take into account the overlap settings clients have setup on their diary settings. If you notice jobs are being booked over other events, check to see if your overlap settings are turned on in Profile icon > Settings > Diary settings >Overlap events.

Website booking portal settings

  1. In order to set this up, Profile icon > Settings > Self service > Website booking portal settings > View.

  2. This will take you to a settings page where you can click 'Generate HTML' to generate the necessary code, you can then click 'copy' to copy it to your clipboard. You can set up an email notification to be sent to the customer when they submit a job request through the advanced online booking form.


  3. The next step involved you or a web designer creating a button to use this HTML link for and placing it on your own website.

  4. When your customers click this, it will take them to an online booking form through which they can choose the specifics of the job they wish to create. This includes adding their personal details, any specific details about the issue, confirming the price as well as the ability to add any images associated with the job as well.


  5. The customer can choose the best time slot for them and the job will be added to the diary automatically.

  6. Once the job has been booked, you will receive a notification in Commusoft and it will have been added to the appropriate slot in your diary as well.


Dependent settings

There are a number of prerequisite settings that will need to have been configured within Commusoft first. This will ensure that the job will go to an available user with the correct skillset to carry out the job.