Consolidated Invoicing

Consolidated invoicing refers to the ability to send multiple invoices as one single invoice to your customers. This means that you can invoice for multiple jobs in one instance rather than having multiple records, these will then be split and displayed separately in your profit report.

Please note -- This feature is only available on our "Go Paperless" plan and above. If you wish to gather more information about this plan, please visit our pricing page.

  1. Click on Quick Links on the customer's profile and then, under Invoices, click on "Add new consolidated invoice"

    consolidated invoice.png

  2. From the following page, you will have to, as usual, add a description for your invoice as well as an invoice number. You can check the invoice date and the 'Payment due on' date from here as well:


  3. Beneath this information, you will have a table listing all the jobs (as long as they are open) that are available to be added to this invoice.

  4. You can use the filters to refine the table to display only the jobs you wish to have on this invoice:


  5. The required fields are marked as an asterisk. You will need to enter values for the 'Total price' if the column is blank. Please also ensure you select the correct invoice type necessary for each job. 

  6. This will provide you with a grand total at the bottom of the invoice. Once this has been completed, click 'Save'. If you wish to save this as a draft invoice, click into 'Advanced options':


  7. You can also choose whether or not to send this via email to the customer using the check box at the bottom of the page - this will only be available if the customer has an email address saved against their account:


  8. Once you hit save, if you have selected final invoice, you will be presented with a dialogue box to confirm that you understand that doing so will cancel any future diary events associated with jobs that have been added, so ensure you check that all the jobs are ready to be invoiced in this way.

  9. This invoice will appear in your history alongside other invoices, there will be a marker noting that it contains multiple invoices within it, similar to how 'free of charge' jobs have this indicated:

  10. Clicking 'View' will open this invoice (with a single invoice number) and allow you to view all of the jobs that have been consolidated into it.

    Invoice discrepancies / Small amounts on consolidated invoices

    Guide: Labour Rates Guide

    Per the guide: “A labour rate refers to the charge applied for an engineers labour outside of other pricing items.” Labour rates are calculated by the set labour amount on a user multiplied by the time on-site to work out the invoice value.

    This article helps explain why you may find small amounts/discrepancies within your consolidated invoices. This discrepancy appears when you have a user on-site for a short amount of time, which then adds a low figure to the invoice that you see below.

    Below: a small labour amount has been added to an invoice due to a user being on-site for a small amount of time (in this case, 10 minutes) creating a 1.31 charge based on their sales rate in company settings > users. This amount can be edited to reflect what you would like to charge.