Parts: Import your parts list

Purpose: Add and update the main parts list via a CSV upload. Maintaining the part details is equally important as there are changes over time.

Please note:

  • File must be prepared correctly to meet the system requirements, refer to the related guide: Parts and prices: Preparing your parts list and supplier prices
  • Must check the correct columns are matched with the correct input type when uploading
  • Maximum 5,000 rows (individual parts) per spreadsheet

Related guides:

Parts: Preparing your parts list and supplier prices

1. Profile icon>  Settings > Parts > Advanced > Import your parts list

2. Check 'This csv file has a title in the first row' if the file has column headers > click 'Upload CSV to add/update your parts list'


3. Match the columns with the correct input type under 'Column' > search or selected for the dropdown option. Input types will auto-match if the exact column heading was used > Save


4. Notification to confirm the file is in progress > Close > The import may take a few minutes to a few hours depending on the size of the file. You will receive a notification in the top right of Commusoft if the file has failed or been successfully imported.


Successful import

1. View notification 'Import success' > check your data within System settings > Parts and prices

2. Mark notification as completed

Failed import

1. View notification 'Import requires attention' > download file 'Import status.xls' > open file

2. File will list all related errors > resolved all errors in the import file > re-import file following the same steps

2. Mark notification as completed 

In the below example, we see a failed parts import notification and what area failed to import. This import failed due to the tax values not being entered into the Commusoft system at the time of import.



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