Service reminder portal settings

Purpose: Personalise the contact details you want to be displayed on the customer contact pop-up for support. Additionally, set the access roles that get notified when a customer makes an online payment.

Reduce administration by combining service reminder automation with hands off appointment booking to continue the customers self service journey. Customers can schedule their service appointment on their PC, laptop or mobile device when convenient from a link via the Service reminder portal.

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Please note

  • Available on Customer Journey plan and above
  • Select ‘Don’t show email/phone’ options to disable Communication pop up

How to configure settings

Go to Profile icon > Settings > Self-service > Service reminder portal settings > View

  • Communications - Company information displayed in the customer contact pop up within the portal
    ‘Email address’ - Select from drop-down > Save
         a. ‘Don’t show email’ - No email address is shown
         b. ‘Show company email’ - Display email address from Company details
         c. ‘Enter email’ - Display any other email address, manually typed in the field ‘New email’ now
    ‘Phone number’ - Select from drop-down > Save
         a. ‘Don’t show phone’ - No phone number is shown
         b. ‘Show company phone’ - Display phone number from Company details
         c. ‘Enter phone’ - Display any other phone number, manually typed in the field ‘New phone’ now
    Contact support description’ - Enter desired text > Save
    Contact support title - Enter desired text > Save
    ‘Contact support available timing’ - Enter support hours > Save

  • Notifications
    ‘Send notification to’ - Add required roles > Save

Dependent settings

There are a number of prerequisite settings that need to be configured within Commusoft first to ensure the appointment goes to an available user with the correct skillset.

  • Skills - Ensure they are set up and assigned to a user if required.
  • Shifts - Once set up you need to assign to the users.
  • Service Windows