Custom forms

Purpose: Within your settings, you will be able to access the 'Custom forms' feature. This allows you to create your very own forms and certificates through the system. These forms can be used for a variety of different tasks including customer signage, checklist documentation, etc. 

Please note:

  • Important: You must have 'login on mobile' enabled to be able to login to this integration. You can do so by going to company settings > users > view > edit login details
  • Important: At this time, sub-asset details cannot be added to custom forms
  • You can filter these forms according to whether they are in an 'active' or 'draft' status, as well as filtering via category
  • Drag and drop these to reorder them, you can also 'Delete', 'Edit', or 'Download' them
  • Only Active forms will appear in the mobile list for engineers to fill in on-site
  • Whilst creating these forms, they will be auto-saving as you work
  • For the Word document set-up see Custom forms & MS Word
  • The Word document must be saved as .docx file type in order to upload it to Commusoft via the Word add-on

Adding a new form

  1. Profile icon > Settings > Forms > Custom forms > Add New Form > Complete the required fields 
    N.B. The form needs to be activated once a Word document has been made available

  2. New form will be created with Status = Draft and Word Document = Not availableNew_Form_created.png

Setting up a new form

  1. Actions > Set up form

  2. Add new Page
    add new page.png

  3. Select the 'Page Type' - There are four to choose from Standard, List, Engineer signature or Customer signature

  4. Add Sections as required, drag and drop - Section Name will appear as a Sub Heading when completing the active certificate

  5. Add Input types as required, drag and drop - Listed on the left-hand sideUntitled_Project.gif

Input Types

There are a variety of Input Types that have different options that can be associated with each input field.

Required - to dictate whether or not a question is compulsory.


Measurements - used on Number or Decimal Inputs to add a measurement ie kWh, Miles, cm, co2 etc
Options - Answer choose, ie Pass or Fail, Yes or No
Defaults - The 'Options' answer that will be selected for the engineer by default, usually the most common answer.
Dependencies - used to create flows within the questions on your forms.

Add Word document

Design and Upload the Word PDF for your Custom Form.
For set-up see Custom forms & MS Word

Activating/Deactivate your custom form

Actions > Edit > Tick/untick 'Is Active'