Merge customers

Purpose: This allows you to merge your current customer into a different customer you've already created in your system. This may be beneficial when working on a variety of different jobs for a customer with different identifiers. 

Please note:

  • This action is irreversible
  • The customers must be the same customer type to be merged
  • The 'Into this customer' account will be the kept entry
  • The primary contact on the 'Into this customer' account will be kept, along with all other contacts and all contacts from the merged customer will be transferred
  • All estimates, jobs, invoices, credit notes, and payments will be transferred into the 'Into this customer' account
  • The 'Into this customer' account will retain creditor days, SLA, stored cards and third-party accounting reference
  • Contracts and account credit from both customers will be combined
  • A note will be created on the chosen customer for 'Into this customer' in the communications tab showing which customer has been merged into it, when it was done, and which user completed the action

How to merge customers

  1. Navigate to customer dashboard > Edit > Advanced options > Merge customer
  2. Review customer details in 'Merge this customer' box
  3. Select customer > Type name of customer to merge into > Select from results
  4. Review details of selected customer > Merge

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