Transferring an estimate

You can transfer an estimate within Commusoft if need be. This is useful if the original estimate was added against the incorrect property, or if you'd like to copy an estimate and transfer to another property if it's similar. If you wish to do this, you'll need to clone the estimate first: Cloning an estimate 

  1. Search for the estimate and click 'View' to open it. You will see a page with all of the details of your estimate. Click 'Edit in the top right corner of the survey details section.


  2. Click 'Advanced options' and enter the property details to select the correct customer, alter the date if needed and click 'Transfer'.



Why is this useful?
This will enable you to send an estimate to more than one customer without re-typing all the details. If you have an estimate that is very similar to the one you need to create, you can clone it then transfer it to the property and use it as a specialised template.

What if I have just created the estimate under the incorrect customer?
In this case, you can just open the estimate, then go into additional options and transfer. Please remember to edit the information as described below.

What if the customer name and other information are wrong?
You may see that some of the details are incorrect once they are transferred to the second property. This is because you have used tags in the estimate template and tags are generated when the estimate is first created, therefore when it is transferred, the tags match the original customer. You will need to manually edit the text to reflect the new customer details.